(Released January 5th, 2012) Public Policy and Education Fund of New York (PPEF). Health care reform will likely rear its head as, if not the most, one of the most controversial issues of the 2012 political year in New York. But any conversation about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) must begin with the facts. Those facts include the ways small businesses and individual New Yorkers are significantly benefiting right now from the 2010 federal law. The additional benefits to consumers and small businesses will become a reality only if the New York State Legislature and Governor pass legislation to establish a New York health insurance exchange: the mechanism millions will use to gain quality, affordable health insurance benefits. This report explains how the passage of the ACA is adding to the economic security of millions of individuals and small businesses in New York. We present compelling statistics as to the number that are impacted and the monetary benefits. We also clarify how full implementation by state lawmakers will make an even more significant difference in the health care and the lives of average New Yorkers.

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