(Released March 7, 2016) In 2014, Governor Cuomo promised to provide a “blank check” to all districts that wanted to offer full day pre-K. New York City received funding to provide full day pre-K to all the four-year olds that want to attend. However, the rest of the state received only modest state funds to provide full day pre-K to its four-year-olds. Outside New York City, only 6% of four-year-olds gained access to full day pre-K since 2014. On Long Island the vast majority of high needs children have no access to full day pre-K programs. Long Island is an area with stark socioeconomic differences, with school districts that are racially segregated and overwhelmingly low income. Investing at least $125 million in expanding quality full day pre-K across the state, would benefit the high need districts on Long Island immensely.

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