(Released June 20, 2016) A full decade after the final CFE court order this report examines how the 2016 New York State Budget stacks up for students, both in terms of meeting their educational needs and in terms of fulfilling the constitutional standard established by the courts in CFE. The report analyzes the 2016-17 Enacted Budget and its impact on high need school districts across the state. The report details the constitutional standard defined by the courts in the CFE case and examines whether the state provides adequate funding to meet that standard. The report includes a first ever analysis of whether schools would be on track to receive their full Foundation Aid (CFE funding) within four years based upon the level of Foundation Aid they received in this year’s budget. The report identifies whether CFE Funding for the schools is On Track, Off Track, Way Off Track or Totally Derailed based on this year’s state budget. Then, the report provides profiles of high need school districts to illustrate the specific impacts in terms of students’ educational needs.

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