(Released March 23, 2018) There are some schools in the state, located in very affluent communities that offer a world class education. These communities have local wealth allows them to raise a high level of revenues for their local schools. Scarsdale High School is highlighted in this report as a way to illustrate the great opportunities that students enjoy at these public schools. Schools such as Peekskill are determined to offer the best they can with the resources they have available. Their ability to raise local revenue is limited as their residents have lower income. The role of the state is to equalize the field by providing adequate and equitably distributed funding to communities with lower income. New York State is violating students’ constitutional right to “a sound basic education” and perpetuating educational inequity in NYS. This report is a glimpse into New York State’s educational equity dilemma and is a call to tackle this inequity if we are to have education and racial justice in NYS.

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